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Our Events


Women Empowerment at 1090 Lucknow


Daan Utsav

Charity came in the form of various events of fun, food and games to put a smile on the faces of the underprivileged. Members of Meri Pehchaan contributed their part in the Daan Utsav by Spreading Smile on the faces of orphan girls at Leelawati Munshi Nirikshit Bal Grah in Lucknow by conducting a workshop on Life Skills on 7th October, 2016.

They were told that Life skills are abilities for adaptive and Positive behaviour that enables them to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of every day life. In other words we can give it the name of psychosocial competency. It was well explained to them. They were very happy to know certain skills which gave them the feeling of strength and confidence. They were also told about the importance of cleanliness and hygiene which will enhance their personality for sure. They all were listening patiently to our members and were also asking questions in regard with the same. After the workshop, we showed them "Jungle book". Proper theatre environment was built so that they should enjoy to the fullest. They were amazed and so very happy to see the movie in their hall itself. They were also provided with soft drinks and food packets. We could see the happiness and warmth in their eyes which really made us happy.


Girl Empowerment at Faizabad


Girl Empowerment at Malihabad


Change For Change

Change for Change, a unique and innovative empowerment program was done for young girls aged between 9 to 15.

The most vulnerable girls who were in dire need of confidence and identity were shortlisted for a series of workshops in which they were given training for self development. Change for Change is truly designed to impart life skills so that girls can cope up confidently with the social evils like eveteasing, harrassment and domestic violence. This really brought meaningful change in all the girls of the Vardan International Academy.



To celebrate the essence of motherhood Meri Pehchaan organized 'Milaap' on the occasion of Mother's day at Nari Bandi Grah on 8th May, 2016.

Milaap was an initiative taken by Meri Pehchaan to facilitate women prisoners by giving them an opportunity to meet their children and relive the feeling called motherhood. Little children from various shelter homes were brought to spend Mother's day with their beloved mothers.

The event was organized in association with Sindi Welfare Society and Colours restaurant.

The programme was initiated with the lightning of the lamp by the chief guest Cabinet Minister Shri Balwant Singh Ramuwalia.

It was a heart rendering sight to see young ones hugging and cuddling with their mothers. They printed their palms on sheets of paper and created beautiful cards for their mothers with a lot of love and affection. It was a gift which their mothers treasure till date...

After the activity the cultural program began with the Saraswati Vandana by Miss Adya Saluja followed by the melodious medley of songs by Ms. Priyam Bhawnani. An audio video presentation touched the mother's hearts and moved them to tears. Later an amazing dance performance by the inmates of jail enthralled the audience.

The highlight of the event was the sale cum exhibition of handicrafts made by the women prisoners. Each item was beautifully crafted and was a piece of art.

The day ended on a happy note with mothers and munchkins enjoying the sumptuous dinner sponsored by Colours Restaurant.

A special thanks to the superintendent Harshita Mishra. It was with her co-operation that Meri Pehchaan was able to organize the programme seamlessly and tried to feed the inmates with this emotional therapy.




Blanket Distribution

"A little spark of kindness can put a colossal burst of sunshine into someone's day."

To bring a little warmth in the lives of homeless people living on the streets, team of Meri Pehchaan distributed blankets on the chilly night of 4th January 2016.

As the team went from street to street we found several destitutes sleeping on the pavements. They just had a sheet or a ragged piece of cloth to protect themselves against the harsh weather. They received the gifts of blankets with lot of gratitude. For them it was not just a gift but a luxury essential to sustain their lives. In return we received abundant blessings and satisfaction that would remain in our hearts forever.


Mera Samman Meri Pehchaan

It's been said "If you want the change.....Be the change" on one hand we have reached Mars and on the other hand in our society Women are still being treated as an object and doormat who is considered weak in her Persona.

To change this belief and perception women have to create and build her own identity. She has to know her ligitimate and legal rights, unleash the spark within and come out of the cocoon. Keeping this mission and vision in mind Meri pehchaan society organised a women empowerment and awareness Event "Mera Samman Meri Pehchaan", on 27th December 2015. More than 50 women participated in this event. The participants were invited and called from all the age groups and strata of society. The event was addressed by Incharge WPL 1090 Mr. Raghvendra Singh and Dr.Neha Anand. They spoke about various cases and what legal measures can be taken when a woman encounters any kind is harassment or objectionable episode. It was an eye opening session for all the participants. The program was highly appreciated by Media fraternity and women who attended it. They were overwhelmed to see the concern and initiative which was taken by team Meri pehchaan.


Aid To Fire Victims


Mental Awareness

In India talking about mental/psychological illness is still a taboo. As per WHO report every third person will be suffering from some kind of mental disorder by 2020.

People are still unaware or ignorant about these ailments. The need of the hour is to talk about these ailments and create more and more awareness in order to create acceptance. Keeping this view in mind "Director Meri Pehchaan", Dr.Neha Anand organised a mental awareness program to sensitize people. The event was organised in Allupur, a small deserted village near Malihabad, Lucknow on 4th September 2015. She spoke about a prevalent disease called "depression". When our team reached there it was quite visible that condition of women in that village was quite traumatic and they were in a bad shape. Most of the women narrated and shared that they are a victim of abuse and violence which makes them vulnerable to mental ailments. Our team listened to them very carefully and spoke about the symptoms of depression and how they can deal with it. Along with it team spoke about their rights as well which unleashed an spark in those women. They were extremely happy and thankful to our team for the concern and such a valuable event which was organised on humanitarian grounds.


Women Mental Health Awareness at GGIC, Malihabad

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